Joining our NEW ‘100 Club’ is a fantastic, quick and easy way for you to support our school.


Funds raised through this club enable the PTA charity to help our school provide ongoing support for our children in a number of key areas. For example, provision of our lollipopper who safeguards our children crossing the roads; classroom equipment; improving the KS1 playground to be a more stimulating play and learning environment and speech/language therapist provision.


And there is the added bonus chance of winning a cash prize!

40% of the money raised is awarded in prizes; the remaining 60% is given to our school.


There will be 6 draws held per school year (2 per term - September to July).  Three prizes will be given at each draw and the prize fund shall be split as follows: 1st prize 50%; 2nd prize 30%; 3rd prize 20%


How do I join the PTA 100 Club?


There are four ways to join the PTA 100 Club given below. £30 buys one number. You can buy more than one number and friends and family are more than welcome to join. The more members we have...the more our school benefits and the higher the prizes!


  1. By annual standing order (mandate supplied below)
  2. By ParentPay (look for the entry ‘St.Mary’s PTA 100 club’ under your child’s name)
  3. By cheque made payable to 'St. Mary’s PTA'
  4. By cash


If paying by standing order, cheque or cash please complete the application form  and  drop into the PTA mailbox in the school office so that we can issue you with a number/numbers. 

We cannot issue numbers without receipt of the form unless paying via Parent Pay.


GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU for supporting OUR SCHOOL!!


PTA 100 Club Information