Our Curriculum

At St. Mary’s we have developed our curriculum to ensure that it not only reflects the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 but that it also reflects the ethos and fundamental values of our school community and provides more challenging and diverse experiences, which reflect the ethos of our school. Our diverse school family and bespoke elements of learning achieved through drawing on local resources, both naturally occurring and part of the wider provisions available from both the Local Authority and private enterprise thus ensuring that our Cultural Capital is meaningful and centred on our children. It is our intention that our children will not only have the best Quality First Teaching our dedicated staff can deliver but that the holistic approach of our curriculum and its implementation is such that personal growth, development and a love of learning are nurtured. Our core values of excellence, resilience, self-discipline, love, gratitude, tolerance and respect are at the centre of all we do – this includes our academic curriculum, our approach to learning, behaviour and equipping our pupils with the character education and Cultural Capital they need to succeed in life.


The following policies detail our curriculum:

Curriculum Policy

English Policy

Policy for Early Reading and Phonics

Mathematics Policy

Written Calculation Policy

RSE Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy


Subject Statements of Curriculum Intent

This document explains who the study of individual subjects supports and nurtures the development and learning of our children.


Core and Foundation Subject Curriculum Overviews.

The curriculum overview documents for all subjects within the National Curriculum, detail the breath and depth of learning experiences that result in the progression of knowledge, skills and understanding of each subject. 

More detail surrounding the National Curriculum can be found here: NATIONAL CURRICULUM


EYFS Curriculum Overview 

For the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum Overview document maps out the different areas of study within the EYFS Framework. It is our philosophy that where meaningful links across areas of learning can be made that this enriches learning.


Curriculum Newsletters

Our half termly Curriculum Newsletters are an integral part of the way we look to communicate with our stakeholders, but especially parents and carers.

In these pages you will find copies of the half termly Curriculum Newsletters for each year group.  Each half term the teachers prepare these so you can see what is being planned in class.  The newsletters give parents and carers the opportunity to participate in their child’s learning journey and provide more detail of class activities to ensure that at a year group level parents and carers know what is going on in school and how to support their child.