Meet the PTA Trustees and Committee


Meet the PTA Committee Members & Meeting Dates


All families automatically become ‘members’ of the PTA when your child joins the school so whether you are a new family to the school, or have a younger sibling starting, the PTA committee would like to wave you a friendly hello!


We are a registered charity (registration number 312476). The PTA committee which includes parents, staff and governors, is elected for decisions relating to the Association and how funds are allocated.  If you would like to take a more active role and join the PTA committee please email


Current committee members are as follows:

Chair:                 Donna Mentesh

Vice Chair:        Norah McDonagh

Treasurer:         Sally Barrett

Secretary:         Laura Jackson



  • Mrs Vassallo
  • Mrs Tracey
  • Nora Kehoe
  • Liza Rothery
  • Janine McAuley
  • Mary Loftus
  • Brooke Hennessy
  • Nicola Youens
  • Nicola Warrington
  • Katherine Watt
  • Michelle Godenhoe
  • Peggy MacSweeney
  • Roseline Mukucha
  • Tanya Charlie-Kadambari
  • Rosie Kenny
  • Veronika Holes
  • Nicola Youens
  • Hannah Atwell
  • Becky Woolterton
  • Tania Walker
  • Sophia Symeou

If you are interested in becoming a committee member please email You are also welcome to attend any of the regular PTA meetings we schedule throughout the year.



Class Reps:

All classes have at least one rep, usually two. Class reps act as a link between the individual classes and the PTA providing updates on activity. Please do feed ideas and thoughts into them too. We are very fortunate and thankful to all the reps that step forward through the years, we really would struggle without their help.