The purpose of homework is to reinforce and consolidate work done in school. The following is a guide to the amount of time a child will spend doing homework each week:

Year Group

Time Taken per Week

Years 1 and 2

1 hour per week

Years 3 and 4

1 ½ hours per week

Years 5 and 6

30 minutes per day


10 things parents can do to help with homework

  1. Give your child confidence through praise and encouragement;
  2. Read to and with your child as much as possible;
  3. Encourage your children to observe and discuss their environment and surroundings.
  4. Make use of your local library; look out for special events and services for children.
  5. Visit museums and other places of interest.
  6. Most children enjoy watching television and this can be a learning experience, however children will get more from the experience if it occasionally shared with a parent. Watch a suitable programme with your child and subsequently discuss what you have watched together.
  7. For more formal homework set aside “Homework Time” for children.
  8. Try to provide a reasonably quiet and distraction free environment for children to do more formal homework
  9. Encourage children to discuss their homework with you and try to help them see the enjoyable aspects of homework.
  10. Finally, if your child is finding their homework particularly challenging, give them some assistance. If they remain unsure make a note on the homework for your child’s teacher. Please remember that homework is for your child to complete, not for their parents!