Subject Statements of Curriculum Intent


Statement of Intent


Through the study of English, St Mary's children will develop a joy of reading.  They will learn to express themselves clearly and with confidence - both orally and in writing - using standard English.  They will develop the skill to listen to others and reflect upon their own ideas to become effective communicators.


Through the study of mathematics, St. Mary’s children will develop confidence and fluency in their understanding of concepts in order to reason and problem solve beyond the mathematics curriculum. They will become more prepared for the challenges presented in the world around them (for example in order to become financially literate).


Through the study of science, St. Mary’s children will develop their experimental thinking and curiosity to investigate the world around them. They will become reflective thinkers who see links and patterns in a meaningful way.


Through the study of religious education, St Mary's children will become a visible disciple of Jesus - even when it is not easy.  They will develop an understanding and respect for the beliefs of others.

Art and Design

Through the study of art and design, St Mary’s children will become expressive and experimental learners developing their creative and innovative skills.

Design and Technology

Through the study of Design and Technology, St. Mary’s children will use creativity and imagination to solve real and relevant problems enabling them to become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.


Through the study of geography, St Mary's children will have an understanding of the human and physical features of their local area and the wider world. They will be able to identify and name the countries and continents of the world, where to locate them and know how to care for it.

Computing/internet safety

Through the study of computing including internet safety, St. Mary’s children will develop an understanding of digital literacy, information technology and computer sciences. Children will become confident and competent with programming; will know how to use technology safely, including all mobile devices, and will be able to report unsafe activity or content appropriately including through CEOP. 


Through the study of history, St. Mary’s children will develop an understanding of the challenges faced in the past; how the world has changed and how, with knowledge, they can be empowered to shape their own future and that of others.


Through the study of languages, St Mary’s children will develop tolerance and respect of other people and cultures and be able to communicate in another language. They will make links with their own mother tongue and additional languages.


Through the study of music, St. Mary’s children will understand that music is a form of expression that can represent different feeling emotions and narratives. They will learn that music is universal and has no boundaries. St. Mary’s children will understand that music is deeply rooted in cultural identity; we will encourage them to listen and to appreciate all different forms of music.

Physical Education

Through the study of PE, St Mary's children will understand the importance of healthy living, fitness and know how their bodies work. They will also learn the value of teamwork and develop collaboration skills alongside positive decision making.

Relationships Education

Through the study of Relationships Education, St. Mary's children will develop a knowledge and understanding of respect for themselves and others, learning about healthy and safe relationships within the special context of the identity of our school.

Mental Health and Well Being

Through the study of Mental Health and Well Being, St. Mary's children will develop the knowledge and understanding to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that is safe and appropriate.