The Bromley Catholic Schools Trust

St.Mary's Catholic Primary School is a single, stand-alone Academy that sits within the Bromley Catholic Schools Trust.  The Bromley Catholic Schools Trust is an Umbrella Trust that has been established to promote and assist in the promotion of education in the London Borough of Bromley.  The aims of the Trust are to promote the achievement of a high quality education for all pupils in all Catholic schools within the umbrella and to promote and develop the Catholic ethos.

There are eight schools in the umbrella trust: -

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Beckenham

St James’ Roman Catholic Primary School, Petts Wood (company number 07976516);

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (company number 09301212);

St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, Mottingham (company number 08934887);

St Peter and St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, Orpington (company number 08938098);

Holy Innocents’ Catholic Primary School, Orpington (company number 09483921);

St Philomena’s Catholic Primary School, Orpington (company number 09218084); and,

St Anthony’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Anerley.

Each school is an equal partner within the Trust but one school acts as Chair for one year and this role is rotated on an annual basis.  The school that is Vice Chair becomes the Chair the following year. The school that is currently in the Chair is Holy Innocents' Catholic Primary School (from 1 Sept 2017).